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Spring Crown 2016 entrants

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Fall Crown 2014 entrants

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Details of the agenda for January 2014 Curia posted

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Fall Crown 2013 entrants

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Spring Crown 2013 entrants

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Results of the January 2013 Curia

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Fall Crown 2012 entrants

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Spring Crown 2012 entrants

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Branch polling templates posted

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Agenda of November 2011 Curia posted

(November 2011)

Fall Crown 2011 entrants

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Spring Crown 2011 entrants

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Changes made at January 2011 Curia

(Feb 1, 2011)

Fall Crown 2010 entrants

(October 8, 2010)

Updated kingdom regional map
Updated zip code list

(Sept 27, 2010)

Kingdom Law updated

(June 23, 2010)

'Tir Mara' chosen as name for the Northern Shores Crown Principality

(December 1, 2009)

Northern Shores becomes Crown Principality

Congratulations to the Gentles residing in the Canadian portions of our Kingdom. As of Market Day at Birka, January 31, 2009, Their Majesties declared the Northern Shores a Crown Principality, with the intent to become a Full Principality.

The Crown Principality Seneschal, Master Aetheric Lindeberende, has already begun the preliminary steps toward achieving Full Principilaty status in the near future.

I will endeavour to keep you apprised of this progress.

Master Phillip the Facetious


Background Checks Implemented February 15, 2008

As was announced last year, the SCA is implementing a background check program to minimize risk of harm to our membership and to the organization. This program and the requirements contained therein are now required.

This program consists of conducting background checks—via a properly licensed vendor—on all persons wishing to serve in a leadership or supervisory position where minors are expected to be taking direction from, or be in the direct control of, adults who are not their parent or legal guardian.

Officials who must receive the background check include (But are not limited to):

  1. The Kingdom Seneschal
  2. Youth activities officers at all levels
  3. Adults acting as youth marshals for any martial activity
  4. Those people wishing to be Youth Ministers for their local group (Province, Barony, Shire,Canton)
  5. Those people wishing to be Youth Combat Marshals
  6. Those people wishig to be Youth Fencing Marshals.

This applies to officers only. This program was implemented on February 15, 2008.

Further notices:

If you wish to be involved in any of these activities as an adult supervisor, please contact the appropriate Kingdom Officer for their specific requirements for entrance into their areas.

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