SCA, Inc. – East Kingdom Event Bid Form

This form must be completed and submitted along with any other information you wish to provide in your bid for a Kingdom Event. Please send it via e-mail to each of the following people:

Kingdom Seneschal:

Event/Calendar Clerk:

Kingdom Exchequer:

King & Queen of the East: (sometimes king/
(see Pikestaff or for names and addresses)

Prince & Princess of the East: (sometimes prince/
(see Pikestaff or for names and addresses)

Please print or type the information requested below. (Please, no calligraphy).

Should you have any questions, please contact the Kingdom Seneschal.


_____Spring Coronation (bid due December 15)

_____Spring Crown Tournament (bid due January 1)

_____Fall Coronation (bid due June 15)

_____Fall Crown Tournament (bid due July 1)

_____Kingdom Twelfth Night (bid due June 15)  

_____K&Q Champions of Arms (January 1)

_____K&Q Equestrian Champions (bid due January 15)

_____K&Q Archery Champions (bid due February 1)

_____K&Q Thrown Weapons Champions (bid due February 1)

_____K&Q A&S Champions (bid due July 1)

_____K&Q Fencing Champions (bid due July 15)

_____K&Q Bards’ Tourney (bid due October 1)


Sponsoring Group(s):  

Sponsoring Group’s Seneschal:  

Autocrat(s) (SCA name):  

Autocrat (Modern name):  

Autocrat’s postal address:  

Autocrat’s e-mail:  

Autocrat’s phone number: (      )  

Permission from sponsoring group received?  


Proposed Date(s) of Event:  

Site Name:  

Site address:  

Site benefits/restrictions:  

Handicapped accessibilities/restrictions:  

Indoor fighting location:  

Royalty Room(s):  

Parking (ample, limited, off-site):  

Room for Court:  

Additional rooms available:  

Children’s facilities:  

Accessible by Mass Transit:  

Alcohol permitted?

*If needed, please attach the requested information for any of the above categories.


Cost of Site: $  

On-Board fee per person: $  

Related Expenses* $  

Offboard fee per person: $  

Limit for On-board:   Estimated attendance:

*Please attach separately all anticipated related expenses.

*Pursuant to EK Law, Section VII.A.1.b., “Expenses related to running of any Kingdom Event are to be borne by the event, and must be included in the bid. An estimate of these expenses may be obtained from the appropriate Kingdom Officer or the Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer.”


  1. Pursuant to EK Law, Section VIII.A.1.c., “One-half of the profit made on a Kingdom Event will be given to the East Kingdom.”
  2. Fund-raisers benefiting the East Kingdom are encouraged and are separate from the event’s profits.
  3. The autocrat or designee is to contact the Crown or Their designee to schedule court times and other official Royal activities at the event, as well as royalty room(s) requirements.
  4. A list of hotels/motels or other arrangements should be made available to those who ask. It is encouraged, when possible, to arrange for discounts at local motels/hotels.
  5. If your bid is accepted, it is the sponsoring group’s responsibility to immediately have the event date(s) placed on the Kingdom Calendar in Pikestaff by submitting the event announcement as soon as possible through the East Kingdom website’s “Add New Event” webpage.
  6. If there are any pictures of the site, please attach them to this bid form.
  7. This form may be submitted by electronic or hard copy format.
  8. All additional relevant information is welcome.