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Actions from the January 2021 Board Meeting

Seneschal Handbook Review / Office Hours Feb 21st

SCA Suspension of In-Person Events Extended

New Tir Mara Deputy Seneschals

Martial Practice Policy update

SCA Board Establishing a new Social Media Committee

Resuming In-person Activities

Update on SCA Membership Status (Updated with info on gifting memberships)

Guidelines for EK Online Meetings

Event assistance for local branches

Financial Assistance for Local Groups

SCA Insurance Certificate Cancellations/Refunds/Replacements PDF | Word Doc

Update to SCA Bullying & Harassment Policy (April 4, 2020)

Actions from the January 2021 Board Meeting

At its January 24, 2021 quarterly meeting, the SCA Board of Directors lifted the Temporary Removal from Participation against James Horne. Mr. Horne may resume participation in SCA activities.

At its January 24, 2021 quarterly meeting, the SCA Board of Directors also took the following action:

Motion by John St. Dennis to revoke the membership of, and deny participation to, the person known as Raul Vega, or any other alias, (SCA Name Unknown), effective immediately. Second by Natalie Degerstrom. Opposed: None. Motion carried

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Seneschal Handbook Review / Office Hours Feb 21st

Good afternoon, everyone, We've been working on a long-overdue update to the East Kingdom Seneschal Handbook -- thank you, Audrye! The revision will be ready for review in February. All local seneschals should watch for the announcement seeking your input, as we'll likely aim for a 2 week turn-around for feedback.

Relatedly, I will be holding an office hours session for local and regional seneschals on Sunday, February 21st, from 1 - 3 pm, EST. I would like to focus on what's working well to sustain your groups -- baronies and shires, large and small -- with the goal of sharing ideas for other groups to try. Depending on where we are with the Handbook, we may also spend some time discussing the revisions. A link for the meeting will be published in February.

In service,

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SCA Suspension of In-Person Events Extended

The Board of Directors has decided to extend the current suspension of in-person events to May 31, 2021. Link to the full announcement.

Their Majesties were informed of this decision shortly before the announcement, and will be responding soon.

In service,

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New Tir Mara Deputy Seneschals

To the populace of Tir Mara and the whole of the East Kingdom,

The time has come for Tadea Isabetta di Bruno to retire from the office of Tir Mara Regional Deputy Seneschal. Thank you, Tadea, for your leadership throughout this difficult period, and for your essential assistance as I transitioned into this office last year. I deeply appreciate your service and your friendship.

Welcome, Godfroy de Falaise, to the Regional Deputy position, and Matilda Fossoway as Assistant Regional Deputy. I look forward to working with both of you to serve the Tir Maran populace.

In service,
Medhbh inghean Ui Cheallaigh
Kingdom Seneschal

Au bon peuple de Tir-Mara et du Royaume de l’Est

Le temps est venu pour Tadea Isabetta di Bruno de quitter le poste de Sénéchal régional et de prendre une retraite, bien méritée. Merci, Tadea pour votre leadership en ces moments difficiles et pour votre support lors de ma transition au poste de Sénéchal du Royaume l’an dernier. J’ai profondément apprécié votre travail et votre amitié.

Bienvenue à Godfroy de Falaise au poste de Sénéchal régional ainsi qu’à Matilda Fossoway assistante Sénéchal régional. Je me réjouis à l'idée de travailler avec vous deux pour servir le bon peuple de Tir-Mara.

Au service.
Medhbh inghean Ui Cheallaigh
Sénéchal du Royaume

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Martial Practice Policy update

A message from Consules Tindal and Alberic, the Kingdom Seneschal, and the Kingdom Earl Marshal:

As positive cases of COVID infection rise in certain areas of the Kingdom, we urge the populace to remain vigilant and to follow all federal, state, and local public health directives concerning gathering in groups. The general Kingdom guidance for small gatherings has not changed.

The Kingdom Earl Marshal adds this update to the martial practice policy:

After a fair amount of thought, and some consultation with my deputies, I've decided to loosen a restriction on fighting practices - they can now be indoors in areas that allow indoor sports practices. You still have to go through the normal approval process to get started. As a guide, if an area allows non-contact sports indoors, you can have a non-contact practice. If they allow a contact sport, you can have sparring.

So the current rule now reads as:

"All martial practices must be approved by the deputy marshal in charge of the appropriate discipline, with the aid of their regional deputies. If you wish to hold an official practice, start by contacting your regional marshal for that art, and they'll guide you through the process of getting approved. You'll have to show that the activity falls under the guidelines of permissible gatherings at your location, and that you're prepared to follow all governmental rules along with the East Kingdom rules on activities. Furthermore, the Marshal-In-Charge of the practice is responsible for vigorously enforcing the rules, and therefore must have a good working knowledge of the various requirements. Finally, each individual martial discipline may institute additional rules to cover the unique nature of their circumstances, as they see fit."

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SCA Board Establishing a new Social Media Committee

The Board of Directors, in direct response to the increasing issues of Social Media, has decided to form a Social Media Committee to discuss and address the following:

  • Clearly defined scope of review for SCA Social Media.
  • Established Social Media bright-lines* for what constitutes unacceptable social media behavior.
  • Corrective action guidelines for Crowns and Seneschals to administer proportional corrective actions for transgressions against the aforementioned bright-lines.
  • A strict definition of doxxing.
  • Suggested training program for social media officers, seneschals, and crowns on how to identify bright-line transgressions as they occur, when and how to lock threads, turn off comments, and/or delete posts.
  • We wish to assure our community that the SCA is committed to being a non-political entity and inclusive of all beliefs and people.
The President and Society Seneschal will be reaching out to kingdoms soon to gather input on Social Media.

(*Bright-lines: Bright-line rules help resolve ambiguous issues by setting basic standards that clarify ambiguity and establish a simple response.)

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Resuming In-person Activities

We are in a phase of transition as various states/provinces within the Kingdom re-open for public activity in several stages. All who wish to return to in-person activities in the East must follow their state/province and local government requirements, and these Kingdom guidelines. We also honor the choices of those who will continue to refrain from public gatherings for quite some time.

As of June 7, 2020, official in-person activities can resume according to the guidelines listed here.

All events are still cancelled through the end of June. We will be monitoring closely as states and provinces move through their re-opening phases, and We will update the Kingdom when local events can resume, if that date is moved from July 1, 2020. Royal Progress events will not take place until state/province guidelines allow gatherings of more than 200.

Per Corpora, an "event" must be sponsored by official branches of the Society, registered with the Seneschal of the sponsoring branch, publicized at least to the members of that branch, and conducted according to Society rules.

Permitted in-person gatherings at this time are explicitly very small -- martial practices, local A&S activities, meetings to discuss specific topics, etc. The Kingdom Earl Marshal will provide specific guidance about martial practices.

If in-person business meetings resume, the meeting must also include a virtual component so that as many members of the group who wish to attend may do so.

Guidelines for East Kingdom in-person activities (June 7, 2020):

  1. Do not attend an in-person activity if you are experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19 ( If you develop symptoms after attending an in-person activity, you must notify the person in charge of the activity as soon as possible.

    If you have an underlying condition which increases your risk, strongly consider your own health and safety before attending an in-person activity (

  2. Each local group must follow state/province and local requirements for public activity in the place where the activity is to be held, including keeping up with changes to government policy based on updated information. Be aware that some local jurisdictions have stricter requirements than their state/province.
  3. In addition to state/province and local requirements, in-person gatherings in the East Kingdom at this time must:
    1. Submit a plan to their local seneschal
      1. Showing that the type and size of the gathering is allowed under current state/province/local guidelines (copy of the relevant part of government re-opening language is sufficient)
      2. Showing the organizer's plan for complying with government and these Kingdom guidelines
      3. If the organizer is the group's local seneschal, plan must be submitted to the group's regional deputy
      4. The local seneschal or regional deputy must approve the plan in writing via their official East Kingdom email address before the activity can take place
    2. Take place outdoors
    3. Have enough space for all participants to remain six feet apart from each other at all times, or all participants must wear face coverings correctly (covering the mouth and nose at all times) if 6' spacing cannot be consistently maintained.
    4. Prohibit shared food or drink
    5. Have sign-in sheets for contact tracing
      1. Full legal name
      2. Society name
      3. Current phone number or email address
      4. Minors will be signed in under their parent's contact information
      5. Contact tracing sheets will be retained by the activity organizer and will not be added to a database or other Kingdom records
    6. Be reported to regional seneschals (except martial practices, which report as directed by the Kingdom Earl Marshal) so we can get an overall view of the Kingdom's activities
    7. Specific requirements for martial practices will be provided by the Kingdom Earl Marshal
    These are the first steps towards returning to in-person gatherings. We will be watching to see how this limited re-opening goes, and We welcome your feedback.

    In service to the East Kingdom,

    Medhbh, Kingdom Seneschal

    Margarita, Queen
    Tindal and Alberic, Princes


    Salutation au Royaume de l'Est.

    Nous sommes en période de transition puisque les différents états et provinces formant le Royaume sont à des étapes de déconfinement différentes. Toute personne souhaitant participer à des activités publiques (en personnes) doit suivre les directives qui suivent.

    De plus, nous respectons le choix de ceux qui décideront de ne pas participer à des activités publiques. À compte du 7 juin 2020, le Royaume autorise les activités publiques. Cependant, les lois/règlements, ou directives de la santé publique ont préséance et doivent être respectés.

    L'annulation de tous les événements jusqu'à la fin du mois de juin est toujours en vigueur. Nous continuerons de suivre l'évolution des phases de déconfinement des différents états et provinces et nous informerons le Royaume aussitôt que les événements locaux pourront reprendre.

    Les événements Royaux, pour leur part, ne pourront se tenir que si les lois/règlements, ou directives de la santé publique permettent des rassemblements de plus de 200 personnes. Selon la Corpora, un ‘'événement'' doit être approuvé par un groupe local officiel de la SCA et son sénéchal; rendu public minimalement aux membres de ce groupe local et tenu selon les règlements de la SCA.

    Les activités publiques (en personne) qui seront permises à partir du 7 juin prochain doivent rassembler peu de participants. Nous pouvons donner comme exemple, les pratiques de combats, les activités d'A&S et les réunions. Le Maréchal du Royaume vous informera des directives spécifiques à propos des pratiques de combat. Si des réunions publiques ont lieu, on devra aussi prévoir la possibilité d'y permettre un accès virtuel.

    Directives du Royaume de l'Est concernant les activités publiques (en personne) # juin 2020)

    1. Vous ne pouvez pas participer à aucune activité publique en personne si vous présentez des symptômes de la COVID-19. Si vous développez des symptômes après avoir participé à une de nos activés publiques, contactez les responsables de l'activité le plus tôt possible. Si vous avez des conditions sous-jacentes, vous devriez éviter la participation à ces activités.
    2. Chaque groupe local doit suivre les lois/règlements, ou directives de la santé publique de sa région. Prenez note que certaines régions peuvent avoir des directives plus strictes que d'autres.
    3. En plus des lois/règlements ou directives de la santé publique de l'état/province ou régions, les activités publiques tenues au Royaume de l'Est doivent :
      1. Soumettre une description de l'activité au sénéchal du groupe local qui présente :
        1. Le type et le nombre de participants respectant les lois/règlements, ou directives de la santé publique de sa région. (Une copie des textes en vigueur suffira)
        2. Comment l'organisateur entend faire respecter les lois/règlements ou directives de la santé publique ainsi que les directives du Royaume.
        3. Si l'organisateur de l'activité est le sénéchal local, la description devra être soumise au député sénéchal régional.
        4. Le sénéchal local ou régional devra autoriser la description de l'activité par écrit via le courriel du Royaume.
      2. Devra se dérouler à extérieure
      3. Dans un espace suffisamment grand pour maintenir la distanciation physique de 2m (6 ‘). Si cette distanciation est impossible les participants devront porter un couvre visage.
      4. Le partage de breuvage et nourriture est interdit
      5. Préparer une liste des participants pour un éventuel traçage des contacts
        1. -Nom
        2. -Nom SCA
        3. -Numéro de téléphone ou courriel
        4. -Les mineurs seront liés aux informations des parents
        5. -La liste des participants sera conservée par l'organisateur et les informations qu'elle contient ne seront pas conservées dans une base de données ou tout autre système du Royaume.
      6. La description sera transmise au sénéchal régional pour maintenir une vue d'ensemble des activités du Royaume. Les descriptions des pratiques de combat devront être acheminées au Maréchal du Royaume.
      7. Les directives concernant les pratiques de combat seront publiées par le Maréchal du Royaume. Il s'agit-là des premiers pas vers le retour des rassemblements publics. Nous allons suivre de près comment se déroule cette timide réouverture et nous souhaitons vos commentaires.

    Au service du Royaume de l'Est

    Medhbh, Sénéchal du Royaume

    Margarita, Reine

    Tindal and Alberic, Princes

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    Update on SCA Membership Status (Effective July 1, 2020)

    We are sorry to have to report that as of July 1, 2020, the SCA, Inc. will no longer be able to leave expired memberships open as if they were current memberships.

    Please see the full announcement at

    Updates: a group of Easterners have come together to assist members who are cannot renew their memberships due to financial difficulties. If you need assistance or are in a position to donate to the fund, please contact the Kingdom Seneschal. for further information.

    If you would like to gift a membership for a specific individual, please follow these instructions from the SCA Membership office to purchase/renew using a paper membership form.

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    Guidelines for EK Online Meetings
    March 20, 2020

    Because of the current health concerns, many local groups are moving to holding meetings, classes, and other gatherings online, which is fantastic.

    We've put together some guidelines to ensure that this proceeds in an orderly and equitable fashion, and to make sure that any official business complies with Kingdom and Society rules.

    Tools for Online Meetings

    1. Online meetings must begin with a display of the SCA Harassment and Bullying Policy. Slides of this policy (PDF, PowerPoint, Google Slides) are available on the East Kingdom Webminster's website.
    2. For online gatherings, the Kingdom suggests using Google Meet (sometimes called "Hangouts Meet"). It allows for voice and video chat, screen sharing, and also provides a telephone conference number so people without computers may dial in to participate. All branch officers have access to this tool via our Google for Nonprofits service, and can set up meetings that are available to the general public. The East Kingdom Webministry is able to provide support for this tool, and has posted documentation for it at
    3. The Kingdom's normal licensing doesn't allow these sessions to be recorded, but Google has added this ability through July 1st in order to make things a little easier during the current turmoil. If you intend to post a recording of the gathering you should make this clear to all participants. Please consider including the following advice in any videoconference meeting you are planning on recording. This allows you to post to YouTube or Facebook if you choose.
      "Please note that by participating, you are agreeing to be recorded and granting permission to have the video posted to Social Media Channels."
    4. Turn on the captioning feature, located at the bottom tool bar of the Google Meet window, for greater accessibility.
    5. The use of Zoom Conferencing, Google Hangouts Classic, or other services with equivalent functionality is also allowed.
    6. Look for services that allow others to connect and participate via audio and video, rather than options like Facebook live stream where most participants can't actively join other than to type comments and hope they are responded to.

    Informal Online Gatherings

    1. There are no specific requirements for online populace gatherings, A&S classes, or general meetings that are not conducting official business. Folks may use whatever tools they have access to and conduct them as they see fit. Only official business gatherings and courts must follow the process below. This should provide sufficient information for people to make an informed choice about participating in the video conference or consuming via the stream.

    Online Branch Business Meetings

    1. Local branches may hold business meetings online.
    2. To ensure that members of the populace are able to participate, meetings should be announced in advance using the branch's official channels and standard means of communication. If a branch needs help communicating with their populace, contact the Kingdom Seneschal, who may enlist the assistance of the Kingdom Social Media Officer, Webministry, and other resources as necessary.
    3. To provide visibility to those unable to attend, minutes should be recorded and shared with the populace, including at a minimum a summary of any official decisions made. These minutes should be made accessible to anyone who would normally be allowed to attend the meeting. Remember not to publish anyone's personal information like phone numbers or home addresses without their explicit approval. If you can record the online meeting and post it this may also be useful, if the participants consent to recording & publication.
    4. If branches have bylaws or customs that govern their meetings, such as rules for convening meetings, quorums for voting, or other related policies, those should continue to be followed. If a branch needs a variance from their bylaws for some reason, contact the Kingdom Seneschal.
    5. If a branch does not have such bylaws or customs, at a minimum at least the warranted Seneschal, one other officer, and a witness/populace member must be present on screen or in the online forum for the entire time the meeting is held in order for the meeting to be considered official.

    Online Baronial and Kingdom Courts

    1. Online Courts MUST be pre-approved and scheduled with the Kingdom Seneschal prior to them being announced or held.
    2. Announcements of these Courts must be made at least two weeks prior to the date of occurrence.
    3. All Royal online Courts are to be announced via the Kingdom Seneschal to all East Kingdom online groups and communication channels, including the East Kingdom Calendar.
    4. For a Court to be official, at least one of the Crown and/or the landed baronage, a herald, a warranted Seneschal, and a witness/populace member must be present on screen or in the online forum for the entire time the Court is held.
    5. Court reports are still required for all awards, appointments, or other substantive business. Send a copy of these to the Kingdom Seneschal in addition to the normal recipients.

    The Kingdom Seneschal thanks the Webministry team, particularly Matthias von Würzburg, Joel Lord, and Mathghamain Ua Ruadháin (apologies if I've missed anyone!) for this substantial revision of the previously-announced guidelines.

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    Financial assistance for local groups

    Unto all branches of Our dearest East Kingdom,

    In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and Our recent decision, driven by the CDC's recommendations, to cancel all activities through at least the end of April, the East Kingdom is setting aside a fund, currently of $20,000, to cover the unrefunded site costs of any cancelled event or activity, from March 10, 2020 onward.

    We do not want branches to be risking insolvency due to circumstances entirely outside of their control. When this situation passes We can get back to the activities and the organization that We all love.

    In order to request reimbursement the Branch Seneschal or Exchequer should submit the relevant site contract and the amount paid to the site due to the cancellation to the Kingdom Exchequer and the Kingdom Seneschal.

    Margarita Queen of the East
    TRH Alberic and Tindal
    Medbh, East Kingdom Seneschal
    Mikjáll, East Kingdom Exchequer

    Good day, East, from Mikjáll, Kingdom Exchequer,

    Following the guidance from the Board of Directors regarding the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) at SCA events and activities, and following the Kingdom of AEthelmearc's example, I wanted to announce a new Kingdom initiative:

    The East Kingdom is offering, to any of our branches, financial assistance to obtain supplies to clean, sanitize, and otherwise take action to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 at SCA events and activities. Items such as soap, gloves, hand sanitizer, tissues, paper towels, disposable wipes, cleaners, etc., are all eligible for reimbursement.

    Reimbursement is available for purchases for events starting February 27th through the end of 2020.

    To have your items reimbursed, the Branch Seneschal or Exchequer should submit the relevant receipts, along with brief information regarding the SCA event or activity the supplies are for, to the Kingdom Exchequer and Seneschal Offices ( &

    Should you have any questions or additional concerns regarding financial assistance for supplies, please contact me directly at

    Prepare, Don't Panic, & Wash Your Hands.

    In Service,

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    Update to the SCA Bullying & Harassment Policy

    The Board of Directors updated the bullying & harassment policy at their April 4, 2020 meeting. The updated policy will be placed in the Society Seneschal's Handbook. It is listed is below, and is also available in the President's summary of the meeting.

    When does the Society policy against bullying & harassment need to be displayed during virtual activities?

    • Gatherings of friends via Zoom? -- policy not needed
    • Official SCA thing happening on Zoom? -- policy needed
    • Super-casual hanging out in the EK Google Meet room, or in another Google Meet room set up using an SCA email? -- policy needed
    • Individual makes an instructional video? policy not needed in the video
    • Individual shares video on general YouTube? or on their own FB page? policy not needed
    • Individual shares their own instructional video in an official SCA virtual space (EK YouTube channel, Official FB, etc)?
      All material posted in official SCA spaces is already covered by the policy, so individuals do NOT need to include the policy when sharing material.
    • Of course, moderated spaces like the Unofficial FB page already have their own rules, clearly posted, about what's acceptable in the group.

    I. Bullying and Harassment

    The SCA prohibits bullying and harassment of all individual and groups. Bullying is systematic and unwelcome behavior which involves the use of influence, threat, intimidation, or coercion to cause hurt or harm to another person or group of people. When the bullying behavior is based on a protected class (1) , that behavior is defined as harassment.

    (1) race, sex, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability

    Bullying and Harassment may be overt, as in the following non-inclusive list of examples:

    • Verbal abuse, including using racial, homophobic, transphobic, ableist epithets, etc.
    • Non-consensual physical contact, violence, or threatening gestures
    • Displaying material that is offensive, degrading, or threatening to a protected class
    • Consistent demeaning remarks or malicious teasing
    • Stalking or predatory behavior
    • Spreading rumors or innuendo with malicious intent
    • Deliberate exclusion, isolation, or alienation of an individual without just cause
    • Using rank, title, or office to intimidate others
    Provided that the behavior does not rise to the criteria listed above, bullying and harassment is not:
    • Single episodes of social rejection, dislike, tactlessness, or forgetfulness
    • Mutual arguments, disagreements, or fights
    • The termination, mutual or not, of a romantic relationship or friendship
    • Reasonable constructive feedback or critique
    The test for bullying is the reasonableness of the behavior and the impact of that behavior on the recipient. Participants engaging in bullying/harassment are subject to appropriate sanctions. If an individual believes they have been subjected to or have witnessed harassment, bullying, or retaliation, that person should contact a seneschal, the President of the SCA, or that kingdom's Board Ombudsman.

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