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Seneschal 101

September 26, 10:00-noon EDT

Are you a branch seneschal in need of some refresher tips? Are you a deputy who needs some training to take over the seneschal position? Interested in maybe becoming a seneschal? Curious about how branches run behind the scenes?

Please join the Kingdom Seneschal for our Seneschal 101 session, designed for folks who are interested in an overview of running a branch in the East Kingdom. We’ll cover primary duties, reporting & communication channels, and Q&A.

Branch seneschals will have the Zoom link. Please email your branch seneschal or the Kingdom Seneschal if you are interested in attending this session.

Please note: The Kingdom Exchequer will also be holding an Exchequer 101 session on October 24th, 10:00-noon EDT

Coming soon, Event Steward 101, November 14th, 10-noon EDT

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