East Kingdom Seneschal

SCA Waivers and Sign-in Sheets

It is suggested that you print out at least one copy of each of the examples listed below and keep them in your permanent files. You should also make sure that autocrats of any events you have oversight of have copies of these waivers and sign-in sheets located at the entry table ("Troll").


SCA Waivers for events and practices; minors' medical authorization
available at the website
East Kingdom Waiver Policy
all local seneschals should be familiar with this policy

sheets

sheets are required for all events.

A Simple Sign-in sheet (Excel format)
This sheet has forms for pre-registered and non-preregistered event attendees.
Please read the instructions. It will be an easy way to comply with all the requirements for sign-in sheets, waivers and reporting.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Kingdom Seneschal