Waiver Policy

East Kingdom Policy on Adult and Minor Waivers
for Events and Fighter Practices

Last Updated: September 10, 2022 – A.S. LVII (57)


This policy is intended for the collection, collation and storage of waivers in regard to events and combat practices in the East Kingdom only. This policy is exclusive and separate from any policies or waivers required by The Governing Documents, East Kingdom Law, or policies of Kingdom or Corporate officers in regard to specific combat forms. This policy is incorporated into the East Kingdom Seneschal’s Handbook as “Appendix-A”.

SECTION I – When to fill out a Waiver

  1. All persons attending SCA events must either present a membership card demonstrating proof that a signed waiver is on file at the SCA Member Services office (a “blue card”, referred to as a “waiver card” in the SCA Governing Documents), or they must sign a waiver at the gate.
    1. An event, for the purposes of waivers only, pursuant to the SCA Corporate Policies, Section VI.C, is defined as any recreation function announced in the branch, Kingdom, or Principality newsletter. Further, any recreation function that is publicized in any other manner to the members of a branch, either local, Kingdom, or Principality, is also subject to the waiver policy. Business meetings, demos, guild meetings, dance and other non-combative practices, or planning sessions are specifically excluded from these provisions.
  2. Combat or Fighter practices are not excluded and waivers must be collected from those actively participating in the combat related activities at such practices. Any function at which combat related activities, except target archery and thrown weapons, will occur fall under the auspices of this waiver policy, regardless of what other activities may be occurring at the function.
    1. Official combat or fighter practices separate and distinct from combat related activities at events are defined as those practices over seen by the sponsoring group’s marshal for that specific combat, and published as official combat practice in the sponsoring branch’s newsletter, website or e-list. The sponsoring group’s marshal for that specific combat form need not be physically present at such a practice so long as:
      1. there is a warranted marshal present to assure the activity adheres to the Society’s standards for that specific combat form;
      2. the marshal of the local branch assures that the required waivers are obtained and transmitted as set forth in this policy.
  3. Waivers are required for all equestrian activities, including practices.
  4. If there is a doubt as to whether a specific function falls under this policy, the Kingdom Seneschal shall be the final determiner.

SECTION II – Types of Waivers and Forms:

  1. Individual Waivers.
  2. A roster-type waiver must include the full text of the waiver with absolutely no changes. In this case, there will be space for many signatures under the waiver text, which will be reduced in size. List the event name and date at the top, and use two columns for signing–printed name on the left, signature on the right. Only legal names and signature are to appear on the waiver. Waivers may be re-typed as long as the wording is not changed at all.
  3. Minors
    1. Minors who are members and present a blue card of their very own need not have a new waiver signed for them at every event. Their parent or guardian signed a waiver when they sent in their membership, and it is on file.
    2. If a minor does not have a blue card of their very own a parent or legal guardian shall prepare and submit a minor waiver in the approved format. Minors shall not be recorded on the roster waiver; all minor waivers shall be by either an individual minor or family waiver as applicable.
    3. If the minor does not have a blue card of his or her very own and is attending the event with a parent or legal guardian then the minor’s parent or legal guardian either prior to or at the event must complete the minor or family waiver.
    4. If the minor is attending the event without their parent or Court-appointed legal guardian, but rather a designated adult over the age of 21, the parent or legal guardian must complete the minor or family waiver in advance. The designated adult must bring the signed waiver to the event.
    5. For the event known as The Pennsic War, SECTION II.C.4, above, shall not apply, as the event rules preclude minors from attending without a Parent or Court-appointed legal guardian.
    6. SCA Minor Waiver does not authorize any form of medical treatment for the minor. That is not its function.
  4. Medical Authorization for Minors
    1. The SCA requires minor participants (i.e., those having to have waivers) whose parents or legal guardians are not present at the event to have a valid Medical Authorization form. The SCA recommends use of the Medical Authorization for all minors whose parents or legal guardians are present.
      1. Copies of the form, duly executed, should be in the possession of the named minor; at least one adult named in the document and present at the event; and the parent or guardian executing the Medical Authorization.
    2. Medical Authorization forms can be located at https://www.sca.org/resources/document-library/ 
      1. The Medical Authorization selected should adhere to the policies of the location for which the event is being held. 
      2. For events held in the East Kingdom, a notarized Medical Authorization is not required. A regular Medical Authorization without notarization will suffice..

SECTION III – Supporting Documentation

  1. A separate event sign-in sheet shall be maintained in addition to the waivers used. The sign-in sheet may be generated locally but shall record, at the minimum, the legal name of the attendee, whether the attendee presents a valid membership-with-waiver card (“blue card”), and whether she or he possesses duly executed Medical Authorization for Minors forms any children accompanying them. This information may be combined with a locally generated Gate Reconciliation Form, such as may be found in the Society Exchequers’Handbook. This sign-in sheet should be completed by the gate keeper(s) (or “troll”).
    1. If the hosting group’s seneschal provides to the Kingdom Seneschal prior to the event a compelling basis as to why a separate event sign-in sheet would be a burden to that particular event, the Kingdom Seneschal may waive this requirement, on a case-by-case basis.
  2. The local Seneschal, or other officer in charge of any function at which waivers will be required, is responsible for ensuring that a copy of East Kingdom Law and the current Organizational Handbook are available at that function.

SECTION IV – Sanctions

  1. Should a group fail to collect and submit waivers for a combat practice, then the Kingdom Waiver Secretary, after consultation with the Kingdom Seneschal, may request that the corresponding Kingdom Officer remove the responsible marshal and/or seneschal from the local office and/or suspend or remove their warrant.
  2. Should a group fail to collect and submit waivers for an event, the Kingdom Waiver Secretary may request the Kingdom Seneschal to remove the local seneschal from office.
  3. Should a group repeatedly fail to collect and submit waivers or are in excess of 60 days delinquent in submitting waivers for events and/or combat practices, the Kingdom Waiver Secretary may request that the Kingdom Seneschal suspend the local group. This would suspend their ability to publish in Pikestaff and suspend the group from holding events and/or practices. This may also contain a request that the corresponding Kingdom Officer suspend or replace the non-complying Officer.

SECTION V – Record Retention

  1. The Kingdom Waiver Secretary shall ensure that all required individual, roster, minor and family waivers and event sign-in sheets are collected and safely stored within a reasonable time after each event, and in such a manner that a responsible party can easily retrieve any needed waiver.
  2. Regional Waiver Secretaries will conduct the collection, collation and forwarding of all required individual, roster, minor and family waivers and event sign-in sheets to the Kingdom Archivist. Regional Waiver Secretaries are to forward the required individual, roster, minor and family waivers and event sign-in sheets to the Kingdom Archivist at least once per year. All collected forms are to be delivered to the Kingdom Archivist by February 1 of each year for the preceding year. No required individual, roster, minor and family waivers and event sign-in sheets are to be forwarded directly to the Kingdom Waiver Secretary. Regional Waiver Secretaries may specify the details of how event stewards and/or the local marshals of combat-related activities, whether at events or at official practices are to submit required individual, roster, minor and family waivers and event sign-in sheets.
  3. The Kingdom Archivist shall maintain the adult waivers for seven (7) years and the minor waivers, family waivers and event sign-in sheets for twenty (20) years. Local groups need not maintain copies of these records.