A plea and a reminder

Good morning, all gentles of the East Kingdom,

On the eve of one of our most treasured events, the Coronation of a new Crown, excitement, anticipation, and eagerness for shared community are high. The Coronation of Ioannes and Ro Honig brings the Kingdom another step closer to our established traditions.

And yet, we must remain diligent in our individual and collective safety measures. If you are feeling ill at all, please do not attend this or any other event. We have all come through too much to jeopardize our current ability to gather together.

At all in-person gatherings, please wear your CDC/PHS-compliant mask, correctly, every time (unless eating, drinking, or actively fighting). This includes while in your general camp area at a camping event (obviously, event staff will not monitor whether you are masked inside your tent). If reminded by event staff, please be courteous as they work to fulfill this directive. Likewise, event staff will gently point out to parents if their young children are unmasked.

Thank you for the Kingdom’s collective effort that makes it possible to do all of the activities which brought us together in the Society.

In service,
Kingdom Seneschal