Curia EK Law

From East Kingdom law:

Laws may be enacted, amended, or repealed only by the Crown, after consultation with the Curia Regis.

The purpose of the Curia Regis is for the Crown to solicit and listen to the opinions of those with seats on Curia, giving adequate time for discussion. While it is not a requirement, the Crown is advised to act with the consensus of those with seats on Curia.

The following are entitled to a seat on the Curia Regis. With the exception of the Crown, these people may send representatives to the Curia to fill their seats if they are unable to attend.

  1. The Crown and Heirs
  2. The Coronet and Heirs of EK Principalities
  3. Kingdom Officers
  4. Local Seneschals

E. Others Invited

East Kingdom Royal Peers and Territorial Baron/esses are also invited to attend, and have the right to be heard by the Crown.

F. Others wishing to attend

Any other gentle who wishes to attend is welcome, but may speak only if recognized by the Crown.



East Kingdom Curia

Date TBD

Curia Agenda TBD


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EK Law Section III.I. The Agenda for the Curia Regis

1. Any items that The Crown chooses to add to the agenda after the Curia has been called will be added to the agenda under “New Business”.

2. If a Curia notice has been sent according to East Kingdom Law, but another Curia needs to be held before the previously announced one, any items of business held over from the earliest Curia will be automatically added to the agenda of the subsequent Curia under “Old Business”