Kingdom Seneschal

The Kingdom Seneschal seeks applications for her successor. Candidates must be interested in policy and implementation, must have strong communication and management skills, and must have previously served in the seneschallate (at any level) or in another Kingdom office (regional deputy, special-subject deputy, or Kingdom officer). See East Kingdom Law, below, for the duties of Kingdom Officers generally and the Kingdom Seneschal in particular.

Please send letters of interest describing your experience and your goals for this office to by November 30, 2021. Interviews will take place in December, with the intent to confirm & begin training a candidate in early 2022.

The position of Kingdom Seneschal is complex and can move very quickly. Most of the time, Kingdom Seneschal duties can wait until your daily check-in time. Occasionally, though, urgent issues overtake your day-to-day; candidates should have a strong support network to help out on such days.

  • A slow week might be 5-7 hrs, responding to email from the Crown, other Kingdom Officers, the populace, or the Society Seneschal
  • An average week is closer to 12-15 hrs, with multiple issues needing attention and back & forth communication, sometimes needing research, often needing a review of Corpora/Society Seneschal Handbook/EK Law/EK Seneschal Handbook before replying
    • This is a pre-pandemic — and hopefully soon, a new normal — week
  • A busy week can spike to as much as 20+, depending on what’s added to an average week
    • Curia (prep, the meeting itself, follow-up)
    • Training sessions/office hours with branch seneschals (usually in 2 hr blocks)
    • The announcement of a new Board policy
    • Compiling a complex sanction package for the Board

Strong communication skills are essential. The Kingdom Seneschal:

  • Oversees sensitive sanction investigations
  • Says “no” (sometimes) to your friends, especially the Crown or Heirs
  • Manages conflicting personalities
  • Communicates policies multiple times, in multiple venues, for different audiences (branch seneschals, Kingdom officers & Crown, general populace)

Skills in paying close attention to details and multitasking are essential. The Kingdom Seneschal:

  • Interprets Corpora and EK Law, and understands where Kingdom authority ends and Society Seneschal authority begins
  • Responds to issues happening across 2 countries & languages, including varying local customs
  • Oversees a quarterly reporting system
  • Coordinates with other Kingdom officers as needed, particularly the Exchequer

East Kingdom Law IV  Kingdom Officers

A. Duties and Powers of the Kingdom Officers

  1. Greater Officers must make every reasonable effort to attend the Curia Regis. Those who cannot attend must send a representative or a written report. Lesser Officers are encouraged to attend Curia or send a representative or written report.
  2. Greater Officers will submit reports as required by their Society superiors and East Kingdom Law. Lesser Officers will submit reports as required by their Kingdom superiors and East Kingdom Law.
  3. Each Kingdom Officer who holds an account or property in the name of the SCA, Inc. must file a financial report with the Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer at the end of the fiscal year. Such officers must also file a financial report covering any portion of the current fiscal year during which they held the office with the incoming officer and the Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer within sixty days of leaving office.
  4. Each Kingdom Officer will designate and train a deputy. Should a Kingdom Officer resign or become unable to perform the duties of the office, the deputy will take over those duties until the end of the original term of office, a successor is chosen, or until the original Kingdom Officer is again able to perform those duties.
  5. Any Kingdom Officer may appoint additional deputies as are deemed necessary for the proper function of the office.
  6. Kingdom Officers will supervise and coordinate the actions of their local counterparts throughout the East Kingdom.
  7. Kingdom Officers have the authority to make policy for the discharge of their offices and their subordinates’ duties, within the limits of their offices.
    1. Upon a change of office, all policies will be reviewed by the incoming Kingdom Officer, and updated as necessary.
    2. Each Kingdom Officer will review their policies at least once every two years, and update them as necessary.
    3. Whenever a Kingdom Officer makes any changes to any of their policies, they will make an announcement of such in Pikestaff. It is not necessary to print the exact text of the changes in Pikestaff.
    4. Each Kingdom Officer is responsible for making their policies available via the East Kingdom website or the recognized website of their office. They will also make paper copies available, upon request, at the expense of the requestor.
  8. Officers of the East Kingdom and their deputies shall use their officially-provided online account for all business of their office.
  9. Kingdom Officers will maintain reference versions of all electronic records critical to the functioning of their offices. This may be accomplished by maintaining hard-copy files, or by maintaining archival electronic copies according to standards and procedures developed by the Kingdom Archivist and the Kingdom Webminister.
  10. Kingdom Officers’ files and materials must be fully transferred from the outgoing officer to the incoming officer within thirty days after the date of formal transfer of the office.

B. Greater Officers and Their Individual Duties

  1. The Kingdom Seneschal:
    1. Acts as advisor in the legal and governmental activities of the Crown and subjects of the Kingdom.
    2. Acts as the Chief Coordinating Officer of the Kingdom in fulfilling the reporting function to the Society Seneschal and the Board of Directors.
    3. Is responsible for coordinating the Curia Regis and maintaining the current version of East Kingdom Law.
    4. Supervises the Lesser Office of Kingdom Archivist.
    5. Supervises the Lesser Office of Kingdom Accessibility Porter.
    6. Supervises the Lesser Office of Kingdom Waiver Secretary.
    7. Supervises the Lesser Office of Kingdom Social Media Officer.

You can download the full job description here:

KSen Job Listing October 2021.pdf

See Documents for relevant additional reading/review material