eksenannounce From the EK Seneschal Pennsic

Pennsic War Land Grab Friday

Greetings to all who are attending Pennsic,

The Great Pennsic War is an SCA event hosted by three kingdoms, the warring Kingdoms of the East and the Middle and the hosting Kingdom of Aethelmearc. It should be noted that because of this the Kingdom seneschals have the right and responsibility of sanction and removal of participants from events or situations where there is harassment, bullying, or abuse of the volunteers.

Why is this relevant to you? Well the Mayor of Pennsic 50 has made the following rules for trolling in on Friday 28th of July:

– Land agents, may arrive at site no earlier than 8:30am, Troll will open at 9am. Land agents may troll in with an assistant and any minor children in the vehicle. All others must wait in the vehicle.
– Non land-agent set up crew may arrive on site after 11:30am, troll for non land agents will open at noon. 

You will be asked to leave if you arrive before your allotted time: 8:30am for land agents, 11:30am for other camp set up crew. 

We will ask you, nicely, to drive away and park somewhere else and you can then return when it is your time. You will have two options at that point.

1) comply, accept that you arrived too early, go and park at one of the truck stops nearby and come back later.
2) refuse to leave, deciding that the rules do not apply to you so you wish to argue. We will then ask you to leave and not return. No war for you.

Land is advising camps to limit the number of people arriving until Pennsic officially starts on Saturday (troll is open from Friday noon until Saturday at 10pm). If your block is not signed off you will not be allowed to drive onto the land, nor can you set up structures on the battlefield. 

We would hate to do this, we don’t enjoy removing people from participation but it is one of the powers we have. We hope that everyone follows the guidelines and comes to war with appreciation for the volunteers and the rules.

Yours in service we remain,

Audrye, Helewyse and Illadore (East, Mid, Aethelmearc)