eksenannounce From the EK Seneschal

Video Recording/Streaming at Events

As we all know, many people love the ability to livestream events to Facebook or YouTube, etc. This is especially true of Crown Tournament.

This past weekend a phone had been set on a tripod pointed at some of the lists and set to record. The phone was left unattended. From a quick glance, it appeared the phone may have been streaming to a social media service. Several people were standing around having conversations and did not realize the device was recording. I inquired around the area to see if anyone had just stepped away for a moment, but no one had seen anyone at the phone in quite some time. I took the liberty to stop the recording at that time.

I want to remind everyone that leaving an unmanned device recording (regardless of whether or not it is streaming) is unacceptable. Not everyone wishes to be recorded, and sometimes conversations which are intended to be private happen which are picked up by the microphone.

If you wish to record/stream tournaments or events, it is important to have a person with your camera at all times. That person is responsible for letting those around know that recording/streaming is happening. This gives the other attendees the option to walk away from the recording area.

If you would like to record your bouts during practices, I strongly encourage you to ask your fellow attendees if they are okay with it. Everyone likes to see everyone get better. And often, people study themselves to learn. I absolutely support this method. I just want to make sure people have the option to decline.

Please be courteous to your friends and other attendees.

In Service,
Magistra Audrye Beneyt
East Kingdom Seneschal