Housekeeping News

Seneschal 101

September 26, 10:00-noon EDT

Are you a branch seneschal in need of some refresher tips? Are you a deputy who needs some training to take over the seneschal position? Interested in maybe becoming a seneschal? Curious about how branches run behind the scenes?

Please join the Kingdom Seneschal for our Seneschal 101 session, designed for folks who are interested in an overview of running a branch in the East Kingdom. We’ll cover primary duties, reporting & communication channels, and Q&A.

Branch seneschals will have the Zoom link. Please email your branch seneschal or the Kingdom Seneschal if you are interested in attending this session.

Please note: The Kingdom Exchequer will also be holding an Exchequer 101 session on October 24th, 10:00-noon EDT

Coming soon, Event Steward 101, November 14th, 10-noon EDT

In service,

COVID Housekeeping News

A reminder about mask wearing at events

Good afternoon, populace of the East Kingdom,

I write to remind the populace that masks are the price of having in-person events, and compliance is not optional. 

A recent event was particularly inattentive to correct mask wearing, which I was deeply disappointed to learn about from first-person accounts and many photos on Facebook.

This is unacceptable. The Kingdom is requiring that attendees for all in-person gatherings of all types and sizes wear masks. Masks can be lowered BRIEFLY to eat or drink, and they do not need to be worn under the helm if actively fighting. When the helm comes off, the mask goes on. Full stop, no exceptions.

All branch officers and event staff need to both set the example and enforce compliance. We also really need attendees to do their part — wear your masks, gently remind your friends to wear theirs. No one wants to be the mask police monitoring every single face for full compliance, but neither is a complete lack of enforcement effort acceptable. If officers and event staff are uncomfortable asking folks to wear masks, then the branch shouldn’t be holding in-person gatherings. If attendees refuse to wear masks, they will be told to leave. If they refuse to leave, the authorities will be called.

Should I learn of in-person gatherings with poor mask compliance, this office will investigate. Should the reports be true, I will suspend the branch from all activity for at least a month, possibly longer depending on specifics. I will also strongly consider pulling officers’ warrants. In this, I have the support of the Crown, the Society Seneschal, and Society President.

Please, everyone — being back to in-person events has brought a lot of joy. Wear the mask so we can continue to see each other. Thank you.

In service,

COVID Housekeeping

A plea and a reminder

Good morning, all gentles of the East Kingdom,

On the eve of one of our most treasured events, the Coronation of a new Crown, excitement, anticipation, and eagerness for shared community are high. The Coronation of Ioannes and Ro Honig brings the Kingdom another step closer to our established traditions.

And yet, we must remain diligent in our individual and collective safety measures. If you are feeling ill at all, please do not attend this or any other event. We have all come through too much to jeopardize our current ability to gather together.

At all in-person gatherings, please wear your CDC/PHS-compliant mask, correctly, every time (unless eating, drinking, or actively fighting). This includes while in your general camp area at a camping event (obviously, event staff will not monitor whether you are masked inside your tent). If reminded by event staff, please be courteous as they work to fulfill this directive. Likewise, event staff will gently point out to parents if their young children are unmasked.

Thank you for the Kingdom’s collective effort that makes it possible to do all of the activities which brought us together in the Society.

In service,
Kingdom Seneschal


Updated Insurance Ordering Instructions

There are updated directions from Corporate for ordering insurance.
Due to the Covid-19 shutdown, the Late Fee is waived until further notice.


Event assistance for local branches

From the East Kingdom Exchequer and Seneschal:

Are you running an event? Are you buying cleaning supplies? Kingdom can help with the cost!

To help promote a safe and clean environment, East Kingdom is offering to reimburse groups up to $50 per event for the purchase of cleaning supplies. Please send an email including receipts to and