Update to COVID Policies – Effective 6/1/2022

Good evening Tygers! 

I have made some updates to the COVID Policies which go in to effect on June 1, 2022.  

It provides some clarifications in some areas (camping, shared sleeping spaces, etc) and brings masking indoors back to a requirement for all ages 2+.  

In addition, I had an opportunity to witness some additional building styles while at War of the Roses, and have determined that buildings with hangar bay doors which only cover half of the end walls do not provide adequate airflow and therefore will be considered indoor spaces, regardless of whether the bay doors are open or not. 

Updated COVID Policies:

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please contact me via email. 

In Service, 
Magistra Audrye Beneyt

East Kingdom Seneschal 

Danielle Hunt
Regional VP of Operations, SCA Inc


East Kingdom Event Workflow – Requiring Proof of Vaccination/Negative COVID Test

This East Kingdom Event Workflow is to assist branches in implementing the September 27, 2021 announcement from the Board of Directors, which allows Kingdoms to decide whether to implement a policy requiring all in-person event attendees to show proof either of full vaccination or a medically-supervised negative COVID test administered within 72 hours of the event. This policy will go into effect in the East Kingdom on October 12, 2021.

A. Read the policy announced by the Board of Directors on Sept 27, 2021: (click here)

B. Read the Society-written FAQ, which is being updated regularly: (click here)

C. Federal/provincial/state/local law always applies before Society policy. Tir Marans in Nova Scotia and PEI, for example, must be fully vaccinated to attend certain types of gatherings per gov’t policy; there is no alternative to show a negative COVID test result.

Workflow for checking proof of vaccination/negative COVID tests

0. Scope out your space and funnel attendees through as few entry points as possible. If you are in a public park, maybe do this with orange traffic cones and rope or make clear in publicizing the event that folks need to check in at the big maple tree before entering the event space — whatever makes the most sense for monitoring the flow of people into your space.

  • Events may have multiple gates, but someone must check vaccination/negative COVID test results at EACH gate.
  • Multiple people can check vaccination/negative COVID test results at each gate, but all who do must sign the statement required by the Board.
  • Anyone who checks vaccination/negative COVID tests must be at least 18 years old. Minors may NOT serve in this role.

1. For larger events, all event staff should show their proof of vaccination/negative COVID test  before gate opens to the rest of your attendees. If event staff arrive after gate opens, they’ll follow the same procedure as other attendees.

2. Anyone checking proof of vaccination/negative COVID test results should be stationed before the gate table/clipboard. Check vaccination/negative COVID test results, then check in to the event.

  • Smaller in-person gatherings like practices and meetings can have one person oversee all aspects of gate: vaccination/negative COVID test results, regular check-in with blue-card or signing the waiver, and contact tracing information.
  • Checking vaccination/negative COVID test results is a visual process only. Do not record that you have checked someone in any way, including a mark beside their name on the gate check-in sheet.
  • Do not combine forms — contact tracing information needs to be kept separate from the Board-required statement.
  • Pre-registration CANNOT include proof of vaccination/negative COVID test. This MUST be checked in person on the day of the event.

3. Someone else should cross-check that the person checking everyone ELSE’s vaccination/negative COVID test status is, themselves, vaccinated or has a negative COVID test.

4. All people who check vaccination/negative COVID test results must sign the statement provided by the Board. See below for a model page.

5. Treat the statement affirming that the person/people have checked the vaccination/negative COVID test results of everyone attending the event like event waivers — file & maintain them in the same way that you file & maintain event waivers.

COVID vaccination and Test Attestment form

Housekeeping News

Seneschal 101

September 26, 10:00-noon EDT

Are you a branch seneschal in need of some refresher tips? Are you a deputy who needs some training to take over the seneschal position? Interested in maybe becoming a seneschal? Curious about how branches run behind the scenes?

Please join the Kingdom Seneschal for our Seneschal 101 session, designed for folks who are interested in an overview of running a branch in the East Kingdom. We’ll cover primary duties, reporting & communication channels, and Q&A.

Branch seneschals will have the Zoom link. Please email your branch seneschal or the Kingdom Seneschal if you are interested in attending this session.

Please note: The Kingdom Exchequer will also be holding an Exchequer 101 session on October 24th, 10:00-noon EDT

Coming soon, Event Steward 101, November 14th, 10-noon EDT

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