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Pennsic War Thank You

Greetings to the beautiful Eastern Kingdom,

Now that we have been home from Pennsic nearly a week, I wanted to share some important words.

Thank You!

Thank you to each and every one of you who showed courtesy, honor, and comported yourself appropriately at War. You made the Kingdom proud through your acts of kindness, generosity, and courtesy. I often saw people reaching out to others, seeing if they could help with setup/teardown of personal camps, fetch things, grab a small person for a couple of hours so parents could be parents, carry water, etc. The list goes on.

Thank You!

For all those who volunteered their time to run a class, take a watch shift, help at Family Point, Herald’s Point, Info Point, Gate, etc. Each hour you gave to the cause, meant an hour someone got to enjoy the activities they wanted to. And that shared time is reciprocal, you get to enjoy your activities when someone else is volunteering.

Thank You!

If you took time to help set up or take down EK Royal, work as hospitality or guard, or were one of the leadership in that space, I want to thank you. That space looked amazing this year, and it was so very welcoming. I sat there on middle Saturday in the garden and just talked with people who came in, embroidered a bit, and enjoyed the time in the cool breeze. This time of relaxation and community would not be possible without your dedicated efforts to the Kingdom. For all those who helped set up Tuesday’s court, direct traffic and seating, and kept aisles clear, I cannot thank you enough.

Thank You!

There are no words that begin to approach my level of thanks to those who serve as staff at Pennsic. You are there far longer than the rest of us, work every single day, and give up your vacation so that more than 11,000 people can gather with friends and family from across the world. Pennsic seems so smooth and calm from the outside. It’s like watching a duck on the pond. They look so serene on the surface, but underneath their feet are just paddling away to keep everything running. To each and every one of you, thank you for your sacrifices, your work, and the community you build with your time and effort. Thank you for checking in, making sure everyone is enjoying their time, and if they need anything. No one truly sees the work you put in, and that’s the sign of a well coordinated and run event. Thank you. Those two words will never be enough.

Only 343 days until land-grab starts. But who’s counting?

With all my love,

Audrye, East Kingdom Seneschal