Help Wanted: Deputy Seneschal for Special Projects

The Office of the Kingdom Seneschal is seeking a Deputy Seneschal to serve in a “Special Projects” capacity. 

This role will be the quintessential “other duties as assigned” position, serving the Kingdom Seneschal directly, as well as others in the office who may need assistance.  You must be a paid member of the SCA, as you will need to have access to an official East Kingdom Email address.

This role will have waves of being busy, or being quiet.  Flexibility to adjust is key. 


  • Good Written Communication Skills
  • Ability to Proofread
  • Critical Thinking
  • Experience with GSuite a plus
  • Knowledge of SCA and EK Law and policy (or the willingness to dig)
  • Project Management skills a bonus

Special Projects may include, but are not limited to: 

  • Editing KSen Communication
  • Reviewing KSen Handbook for Updates
  • Brainstorming process improvement

If you are interested, please complete the Google form here:

Applications will be accepted until a suitable candidate is found.