May 2, 2022 — East Kingdom Masking Policy Update

Effective immediately, the following change is being made to the East Kingdom Masking Policy:

Indoor: If you are actively engaged in fencing or rattan combat, you are no longer required to wear a mask.

Otherwise, there are no changes to the existing policies and they apply across the entirety of the Kingdom. They are as follows:

For all persons age 2+:

Indoor: Masks must be worn at all times unless you are engaged in fencing or rattan combat. Masks may be lowered briefly to eat or drink.

Outdoor: Masks are not required.

As always, if state/provincial/local ordinances are more restrictive than these directives, we must follow those government ordinances. Going forward, the Kingdom Seneschal will make an announcement only if there is a change to policy. Otherwise, the current policy remains active until otherwise stated by this Office.

We encourage the populace to take what precautions they feel necessary to protect their health and the health of others around them. Remember that respect and courtesy should be key when engaging with others regarding their personal choices.

Continue to take care of yourselves, and if you experience any symptoms of illness (whether COVID, or otherwise), please stay home from gatherings and events.

In Service,
Magistra Audrye Beneyt
East Kingdom Seneschal

Danielle Hunt
Regional VP of Operations, SCA Inc