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Fall Crown Tournament Entrants Announced

Greetings to the Tyger Populace!

At the request of Sultan Mohammad and Brenhines Corotica, valiant and wise rulers of the East, do I announce the entrants into Their Crown Tournament to be held on October 29, 2022 in the Province of Malagentia.

Event Listing:

Tournament Format:

Their Majesties would remind all entrants that both Combatant and Consort must present themselves before the Tyger Thrones on the day of Their Tournament. Should either not be present, the pair will be removed from the tournament.

For the glory and honor, and the service to the East Kingdom, the entrants to the List are as follows:

Sir Vissevald Selkirksson, fighting for Countess Mara Tudora Kolarova
Brennan mac Fearghus, Dux, fighting for Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaolain, Dux
Sir Arturus of Aranmore, fighting for Maîtresse Ellice de Valles
Jarl Valgard Stonecleaver, fighting for Lady Gracia Vasquez de Trillo
Baron Wulfhere of Stonemarche, fighting for Viscountess Gwenllian Rhiannon of Dragonkeep
The Honorable Lord Sigurdr Berserker, fighting for Mistress Eleanore MacCarthaigh
Master Karl Meerstappa, fighting for Mistress Anne of Framlingham
Lord Thorbjorn thorfinnsson, fighting for Syr Osgkar of the Wood
Syr Angus Gove MacKinon, fighting for Mistress Ciara MacRobie
Lord Wilhelm Van Hammaburc, fighting for Sir Edward Macgyver dos Scorpus
Sir Zhigmun’ Czypsser, fighting for Mistress Leda Zipyos
Sir Angus McHaley, fighting for Mistress Tadea Isabetta di Bruno
Master Aethelhawk Keyfinder, fighting for Baroness Siubhan Wallace
Master Tiberius Iulius Rufus Primus, fighting for Lord Vopiscus Rufius Donatus
Lady Leurona Winterborne, fighting for Sir Ketilfastr Thorkilson
Doyen Richard Crowe, fighting for Lady Ameria Brown
Sir Vlad Iliescu, fighting for Mistress Molly Schofield
Master Giles William Trout called Billyfish, fighting for Baroness Mægwynn filia Brun
Baroness Juliana de Essex, fighting for Sir Euric Germanicus
Doctorae Pandarus and Baroness Timeria Sthenone called Timbrien, fighting for each other
Sir Duarcain MacWard, fighting for Maestra Cathain Reiter
Sir Galbraith MacGowan, fighting for The Honorable Syrine Al-Sakina Bint Houriya
Lord Thomas De Winterwade, fighting for Lady Sara of Stonley
The Honorable Lord Finan mac Bressail, fighting for The Honorable Lady Alys Treeby
The Honorable Lord Matthew MacGyver and Baroness Lillian Stanhope, fighting for each other
The Honorable Lord Titus Claudius Silvanus, fighting for Lady Anna Serena
Lord Damhan MacRonain, fighting for The Honorable Lady Agnes Marie De Calais
The Honorable Lord Volmar Sollons, fighting for Baroness Iulia Baebiana
The Honorable Lord Corwin Blackthorn, fighting for Lady Ada Wright
Baron Fearghus Mac Cailin, fighting for Baroness Catriona bean mhic Cailin
The Honorable Lord Marcus Atilius Pansa, fighting for Lady Artemisius Octavia Pansa
Baron Pádraig Ó Brádaig called Samson, fighting for Lady Martha bean ui Bhradaigh
Sayyid Kiril Al-Ghadab Hallamet, fighting for Baroness Aïcha Al-Khayr bint Qamar
Baron Vladimir Bathory, fighting for Lady Andrea Noelle Bathory
Lord Albrecht Ostergaard, fighting for Baronessa Daniela Rosa da Venezia
Sayyid Rafi al-qasid, fighting for Shiklah al-zarqa
Lord Thorfin Jarnison, fighting for Lord Bjorn Fairhair
Louis of Clan MacWard, fighting for Aureliana Laskarina

In Service to the Crown and Kingdom,
Magistra Audrye Beneyt
East Kingdom Seneschal