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Letters of Intent – Fall Crown Tournament 2023

Greetings to the great Tyger Populace! 

War is behind us and Their Highnesses Matthias and Æsa Feilinn seek Heirs to aide in guiding the great Tyger realm through peace and prosperity. 

Fall Crown Tournament will be held in the Barony of Carolingia on November 4, 2023.  The Event listing can be found here:

Letters of Intent must be received no later than 11:59pm EDT, September 30, 2023.

For eligibility requirements, please review East Kingdom Law Section II.C. (

Link to submit your Letter of Intent:

Note: Pairs intending to fight for each other must each fill out the form as a combatant.

In Service to the Kingdom,
Magistra Audrye Beneyt
East Kingdom Seneschal

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Pennsic War Thank You

Greetings to the beautiful Eastern Kingdom,

Now that we have been home from Pennsic nearly a week, I wanted to share some important words.

Thank You!

Thank you to each and every one of you who showed courtesy, honor, and comported yourself appropriately at War. You made the Kingdom proud through your acts of kindness, generosity, and courtesy. I often saw people reaching out to others, seeing if they could help with setup/teardown of personal camps, fetch things, grab a small person for a couple of hours so parents could be parents, carry water, etc. The list goes on.

Thank You!

For all those who volunteered their time to run a class, take a watch shift, help at Family Point, Herald’s Point, Info Point, Gate, etc. Each hour you gave to the cause, meant an hour someone got to enjoy the activities they wanted to. And that shared time is reciprocal, you get to enjoy your activities when someone else is volunteering.

Thank You!

If you took time to help set up or take down EK Royal, work as hospitality or guard, or were one of the leadership in that space, I want to thank you. That space looked amazing this year, and it was so very welcoming. I sat there on middle Saturday in the garden and just talked with people who came in, embroidered a bit, and enjoyed the time in the cool breeze. This time of relaxation and community would not be possible without your dedicated efforts to the Kingdom. For all those who helped set up Tuesday’s court, direct traffic and seating, and kept aisles clear, I cannot thank you enough.

Thank You!

There are no words that begin to approach my level of thanks to those who serve as staff at Pennsic. You are there far longer than the rest of us, work every single day, and give up your vacation so that more than 11,000 people can gather with friends and family from across the world. Pennsic seems so smooth and calm from the outside. It’s like watching a duck on the pond. They look so serene on the surface, but underneath their feet are just paddling away to keep everything running. To each and every one of you, thank you for your sacrifices, your work, and the community you build with your time and effort. Thank you for checking in, making sure everyone is enjoying their time, and if they need anything. No one truly sees the work you put in, and that’s the sign of a well coordinated and run event. Thank you. Those two words will never be enough.

Only 343 days until land-grab starts. But who’s counting?

With all my love,

Audrye, East Kingdom Seneschal

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Pennsic War Behavior

Greetings to the Populace from all Kingdoms attending Pennsic 50:

To the 99% of attendees who are following the rules, we hope you are having a great war and we want that to continue.

To everyone else, especially those who are abusive to Pennsic Staff, EMS, Coopers’ Staff and Volunteers, please consider this your only warning.

Know that Pennsic 50 is going to have a large number of individuals attending, more than it has had in years past, and there is little space for leniency.

Be kind. Treat others like you would like to be treated. Take a breath before you get angry. (And consider maybe you need something to eat or some water.)

As we have already had to evict people from site for abuse of Staff and Volunteers, we would like to remind the populace at large that this behavior will not be tolerated.

With love (but little patience),
Audrye, Helewyse, & Illadore
Seneschals of the East, Middle, and Æthelmearc

eksenannounce From the EK Seneschal Help Wanted

Help Wanted: Kingdom DEI Officer

To the populace of the East Kingdom and to all whom these present letters may come, greetings: 

We are seeking applicants for the important job of Kingdom Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Officer:

The Kingdom Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Officer:

a. Is responsible for recognizing, creating, and implementing plans to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within the East Kingdom. This role is open to those with lived experience as well as allies.

Responsibilities include:

  1. Delivering education to the populace covering all aspects of  Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion and Belonging: Race, Ethnicity, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, Ability, Religion, Age, and Veteran status , etc.
  2. Identifying and implementing projects to increase diversity, equity, Inclusion and Belonging in the kingdom.
  3. Partner with SCA DEIB office to roll out society-wide DEIB initiatives.
  4. Providing recommendations to the Crown and Kingdom for DEIB issues that may affect the East’s members or event sites.

b. Works with the Kingdom Chatelaine in their areas of mutual interest.

c. Is responsible to the Kingdom Seneschal.

d. Experience in  DEI, HR, Program/ Project Management, Adult Learning, and/or Training and Facilitation a plus.

This person will help continue the groundwork that has been done, to ensure DEIB resources are included at all levels of the Kingdom.  If this is something you are passionate about please consider applying. 

Apply for the Position (Click Here)

In Service, 

Magistra Audrye Beneyt 

East Kingdom Seneschal

eksenannounce From the EK Seneschal Pennsic

Pennsic War Land Grab Friday

Greetings to all who are attending Pennsic,

The Great Pennsic War is an SCA event hosted by three kingdoms, the warring Kingdoms of the East and the Middle and the hosting Kingdom of Aethelmearc. It should be noted that because of this the Kingdom seneschals have the right and responsibility of sanction and removal of participants from events or situations where there is harassment, bullying, or abuse of the volunteers.

Why is this relevant to you? Well the Mayor of Pennsic 50 has made the following rules for trolling in on Friday 28th of July:

– Land agents, may arrive at site no earlier than 8:30am, Troll will open at 9am. Land agents may troll in with an assistant and any minor children in the vehicle. All others must wait in the vehicle.
– Non land-agent set up crew may arrive on site after 11:30am, troll for non land agents will open at noon. 

You will be asked to leave if you arrive before your allotted time: 8:30am for land agents, 11:30am for other camp set up crew. 

We will ask you, nicely, to drive away and park somewhere else and you can then return when it is your time. You will have two options at that point.

1) comply, accept that you arrived too early, go and park at one of the truck stops nearby and come back later.
2) refuse to leave, deciding that the rules do not apply to you so you wish to argue. We will then ask you to leave and not return. No war for you.

Land is advising camps to limit the number of people arriving until Pennsic officially starts on Saturday (troll is open from Friday noon until Saturday at 10pm). If your block is not signed off you will not be allowed to drive onto the land, nor can you set up structures on the battlefield. 

We would hate to do this, we don’t enjoy removing people from participation but it is one of the powers we have. We hope that everyone follows the guidelines and comes to war with appreciation for the volunteers and the rules.

Yours in service we remain,

Audrye, Helewyse and Illadore (East, Mid, Aethelmearc) 

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Check Your Membership Account

Good evening, Tyger Populace!

As you may (or maybe don’t) know, during the first quarter of the year, SCA Corporate transferred the membership data from one platform to another. Without getting in to all the details, some of the data did not transfer correctly. We have run in to several situations where members are not appearing in the appropriate groups / kingdoms as a result of the transfer.

If you have not already done so, please log in to your SCA Membership Portal through the SCA Membership Page here:

Please review your contact information (especially your mailing address, including zip code) and ensure it is correct.

If you are unsure of how to access your account, follow the steps provided in the February 8, 2023 release from the Corporate office here:

There are several groups who are either in the process of a status or baronial polling, or who are coming due for one. This is especially important to do for the members of those groups.

If you have any questions regarding your membership account, please direct them to The East Kingdom Webministry does not have the access to assist.

I want to thank Maestro David Vázquez de Valençia, our Kingdom Postal Legatus for sharing initial concerns about the data integrity. And I also want to thank The Honorable Lady Aurelia Colleoni a’Buccafurno, Seneschal of Panthervale for confirming her group’s list was incorrect and then helping me confirm that her address had updated successfully in the new system.

Please share this message far and wide, so that it reaches as many folks as possible.

In Service,
Magistra Audrye Beneyt
East Kingdom Seneschal

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A Reminder from the Kingdom Media Liasion

Greetings Tyger Populace,

I am passing the following missive on from Aneleda Falconbridge, the Kingdom Media Liasion:

If you are contacted by a member of the media regarding any SCA-related activity, event, or situation, you are always welcome to request that the media representative contact the media liaison at

You may speak to whom you wish, of course, but in the event that you don’t want to engage, know that this office is here for you.

Aneleda Falconbridge
East Kingdom Media Liaison

Crown Tournament List eksenannounce From the EK Seneschal News

Spring Crown Tournament List & Format

Combatants & Consorts List

Below is the currently accepted list of those who wish to compete for the Spring Crown Tournament of Brennan & Caoilfhionn to be held on May 6 in the Crown Province of Ostgardr.

If your name does not appear on this list, it is because either the combatant or consort (or both) has not completed the submission of the EK Law quiz provided by Their Majesties. Please contact them directly at The quiz can still be completed prior to the event.

Sir Matthias Grunewald, fighting for Baroness Æsa feilinn Jossursdottir

Jarl Valgard Stonecleaver, fighting for Lady Gracia Vasquez de Trillo

Viscount Culann mac Cianain, fighting for Viscountess Sefa Hrafnsdóttir

The Honorable Lord Sigurdr Berserker, fighting for Mistress Eleanore MacCarthaigh

Master Karl Meerstappa, fighting for Mistress Anne of Framlingham

Syr Angus Gove MacKinon, fighting for Mistress Ciara MacRobie

Sir Matthew D’Arden, fighting for Mistress Fia Kareman

Master Æthelhawke Keyfinder, fighting for Mistress Siubhan Wallace

Master Sigurthr Vigurhafn, fighting for Mistress Medhbh inghean Ui Cheallaigh

Doyen Richard Crowe, fighting for Lady Ameria Brown

Sir Klaus Winterhalter Von Wallachia, fighting for Baroness Anastasia Kurt-Kalbi

Doctorae Pandarus and Baroness Timeria Sthenone, called Timbrien, fighting for each other

Sir Turi MacKinnon, fighting for Baroness Marguerite de Sainte Nazaire

Baron Talan Gwyllt, fighting for The Honorable Lady Alison Wodehalle

The Honorable Lord Matthew MacGyver, fighting for Baroness Lillian Stanhope

The Honorable Lord Titus Claudius Silvanus, fighting for Lady Anna Serena

Andromidus Leonida, fighting for Baroness Lily Morgaine

The Honorable Lord Corwin Blackthorn, fighting for Lady Ada Wright

The Honorable Lord Michal Bialy, fighting for Nicasia Leontodes

The Honorable Lord Ludovic of Carolingia and Lady Röskva Mac Cianain, called Widowmaker, fighting for each other

Baron Pádraig Ó Brádaig, called Samson of Ireland, fighting for Lady Martha bean ui Bhradaigh

The Honorable Lord Albrecht Ostergaard, fighting for Baronessa Daniela Rosa da Venezia

Baron Lawrence Vaughan, fighting for Lady Lillian Hutchinson

Baron Vladimir Bathory, fighting for Lady Andrea Noelle Bathory

Lady Saga mac Cianin, fighting for Baron Sirion Dobbs

Lord Ragnarr Blaskegg, fighting for Lady Arnora Ketilsdottir

Lord Wilhelm Van Hammaburc, fighting for Ailbhe AElffricesdohter

Lord Thorfin Jarnison, fighting for Lord Bjorn Fairhair

The Honorable Lord Wee Hawk of Panther Vale, fighting for Lady Angela of Panthervale

Lord Michel Biornson of the Isles, fighting for Vigdís Eldr

Guillame Du Chantier, fighting for Ezra Dei Bazzi

Tournament Format

The format for Crown Tournament will be as follows:

All bouts will be “bring your best” until the semi-finals.

There will be 4 round robin pools. Each will advance 4 combatants to a double-elimination Sweet 16.

At the semi-finals, 2 combatants from the winners’ list will each face a combatant from the defeated list. The semi finals will be fought rotating, non-repeating, weapons forms. The combatant from the winners’ list will have to win once. The combatant from the defeated list will have to win twice. First choice of weapons forms will go to the combatant from the winners’ list.

In the finals, all previous losses will be forgiven.

The finals will be a best of 5 with rotating, non-repeating weapons forms. The first bout of the finals will be fought with long sword in the Queen’s honor. The loser of the long sword bout will choose the next weapons form, and so on until a winner is decided. Long sword may be chosen by a combatant.

eksenannounce From the EK Seneschal


Good morning to the great Tyger Populace! 

In several discussions this past weekend, and several from prior, I feel it necessary to remind the populace of some important things. This may be long, but I need each and every member of the populace to read work on being better.

Asking for consent and respecting body autonomy is not an “optional” thing to do in this Kingdom, much less the Society. 

What is Consent? 

Consent is the agreement between two people, regardless of age, to engage in a particular activity. Whether this activity is touching, hugging, or entering a list field, consent of both parties is required. If one person does not agree, the activity does not occur.

The person seeking consent does not get the right to assume lesser consent for something else. What do I mean by this? Here is an example: 

Person A: Hey, good to see you! Are we hugging?
Person B: Not today, thank you. 
Person A: *gives a side squeeze instead* 

This is not acceptable behavior for any of our populace. The side squeeze still requires consent. This same example can go a similar way which grants consent from both parties: 

Person A: Hey, good to see you! Are we hugging? 
Person B: Not today, thank you. 
Person A: Of course, you’re welcome. Fistbump instead? 
Person B: Absolutely. 

This is a much better interaction for all parties. 

Asking for consent applies to all kinds of touch. Whether you are seeking a hug, a fistbump, or to touch someone’s hair or garb, you must obtain consent. 

There is no such thing as “implied consent.” Just because two people have been friends forever, does not mean consent is granted eternally.   Just because someone is a Royal, or on the Royal Entourage, does not grant you permission to touch them. This is something I am constantly working on. Both in granting consent eternally such as “oh you are always welcome to hug me” and remembering that consent is not implied. We are all works in progress, and no one is perfect. 

I recognize direct communication is hard for some of us. Myself included. That doesn’t mean we have an out to just say “oh that’s just how I am.” Everyone should feel they are able to say “No, thank you.” without fear of recourse. We should also take that course correction. As adults, people should be able to internalize this information and improve behavior. Will we be perfect every time? No. But we will try. 

As this relates to the youth of our populace, they absolutely have the same rights to consent to body autonomy and touch as everyone else. If a youth says “No thank you” to touch, we are not granted consent by virtue of being older or an adult. This is not up for debate. 

I care deeply for each and every one of you, and want everyone to feel safe, supported, and encouraged to participate in our hobby. 

So from your Tyger Mom, people of the East, please be better about this. 

In Service, 
Magistra Audrye Beneyt
East Kingdom Seneschal 

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Spring Crown Tournament – Letters of Intent

Greetings unto the Tyger Populace!

Their Highnesses Brennan and Caoilfhionn are seeking Heirs to stand by Their side through the coming wars.

Spring Crown Tournament will be held in the Province of Ostgardr. The event listing can be found here:

Letters of Intent will be accepted through April 5, 2023 at 11:59pm Eastern.

Their Highnesses will be sending a follow-up email to all entrants regarding East Kingdom Law and Corpora (Governing Documents of the SCA). This email will need a response in order to have your Letter of Intent considered.

Letters of Intent can be submitted through the following form:

If you have questions, or trouble with the form, please contact me directly at

In Service,
Magistra Audrye Beneyt
East Kingdom Seneschal